[syslog-ng]syslog-ng-1.5.15 with tcp-wrapper support

Ed Ravin eravin@panix.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:01:15 -0400 (EDT)

Stefan M. Brandl writes:
> I tried to compile syslog-ng-1.5.15 with tcp-wrapper support
> but had no success.
> First I had to patch afinet.c with the patch mentioned in
> http://lists.balabit.hu/pipermail/syslog-ng/2002-February/002962.html
> But when compiling I get:
> make[3]: Entering directory `/root/syslog-ng-1.5.15/src'
> make_class <afinet.c >afinet.c.xT
> Warning: use of macro doesn't match definition
>          (syntax-rules '() ((let-and (expr) clause clauses ...) (and expr (let-and clause clauses ...))) ((let-and (name expr) clause clauses ...) (let ((name expr)) (and name (let-and clause clauses ...)))) ((let-and expr) expr))

This is a bug of some kind in make_class, which comes with the lib-ol
package (and is probably installed in your /usr/local/bin).  A kind soul
on the syslog-ng list turned in this patch to fix make_class (you'll
want to edit by hand or apply with "patch -l" since I'm screwing up
the whitespace by posting it this way).

--- /usr/local/bad/make_class   Wed Feb  6 15:59:34 2002
+++ ./make_class        Wed Mar  6 12:10:32 2002
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 ;; FIXME: Turn this into a scheme48 module

 (define-syntax let-and
-  (syntax-rules '()
+  (syntax-rules ()
                ((let-and (expr) clause clauses ...)
                 (and expr (let-and clause clauses ...)))
                ((let-and (name expr) clause clauses ...)