[syslog-ng]Firewall syslog-ng.conf?

Bob Tanner tanner@real-time.com
Sat, 8 Sep 2001 01:39:04 -0500

hostB         |> local logger <---> firewall <--> VPN <-->  central logger
              |			      <public IP>
hostC         |

I'm trying to setup a centralized syslog server for several geographically
diverse locations.

The hostA, hostB, hostC computers all log to local logger ( And
this server logs to the central logger.

I'm a little confused on what settings I need:

long_hostnames or chain_hostnames? 

Looking at the web, it seems like they are aliases for the same functionality.

keep_hostname(no), because I want hostA/local logger in the log files collected
at the central logger?

Others, I played with, but I cannot get the combo to work right.


If I was the logs in central logger to look like hostA/local logger, which
commands so I turn on?

If I get this to work, I'll add it to the sample configs.

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