[syslog-ng]kernel logging

A.L.Lambert max@xjack.org
Fri, 25 May 2001 15:15:36 -0500 (CDT)

> > 	I was wondering, sysklogd has two daemons - one for syslogs, and
> > one for kernel logs. Does syslog-ng handle both facilities, or am I
> > missing out on the kernel logs that would be done by klogd? Is there any
> > way to get all of the same logging that I was getting provided by
> > sysklogd? I have read what documentation I can find, but am still a bit
> > confused - obviously. Thanks.
> syslogd and klogd are two separate daemons.
> if you want kernel logs to be outputted you'll need to have klogd
> running as well.
> I wrote a syslog-ng startup (sys-v style) script for red hat linux
> systems - it should work more or less on most distros.
> it starts klogd then syslog-ng.
> -sv

	On linux:

source kern { file("/proc/kmsg"); };

	No syslogd or klogd.  Cheers!

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