[syslog-ng]pulling data from a file

Matt Okeson-Harlow matt@technomage.net
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 10:49:32 -0500

i have a question about syslog-ng and it's ability to pull from a non syslog

i have a cisco network registrar dhcp server that is looking to 
/var/nwreg2/logs/name_dhcp_1_log (standard location)
on Solaris 2.7

however when i have a source of
source cnr { file("/var/nwreg2/logs/name_dhcp_1_log"); };
nothing gets logged, i did some reading it seems people have tried using logger
to get to these kind of log files (tail -f | logger) however either i am
missing something or it does not work here, anyone have any ideas?
btw, syslog-ng when it starts up gives a EOF error which i am assuming
is because it is expecting the file to never end.

any ideas that anyone has would be appreciated

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