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1. The client syslog-ng makes a TCP connection to the server which is
listening for a TCP request.
2. Standard syslog is UDP and doesn't do TCP.  You have to have syslog-ng on
both the client and the server.
3. The port is the same as the UDP port, 514.  You can have both types on
the same port.  Yes you do have control over it.  You can change the source
port on the server and change the destination port on the client.

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Hi I have few basic questions about syslog-ng. If
somebody can give me answers or give me some pointers.
I am using syslog-ng to log syslog messages from a
client to server and a firewall between them. 
1. How is the sysloging TCP instead of UDP? Is this
something the syslog-ng needs to be configured. 
2. The client which initiates the syslog logging, is
this normal syslog client? or do I need to install
syslog-ng there too?
3.When it uses TCP, which port does it use? Does the
user have control over the port number?

Thanks in advance

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