[syslog-ng]syslog-ng and libol rpms

Seth Vidal skvidal@phy.duke.edu
22 Feb 2001 14:53:22 -0500

Hi folks,
 I rebuilt the syslog-ng 1.4.10 and libol 0.2.20 rpms under rh 7 - I
also added a syslog-ng init script that starts klogd as well. I used
some of the default spec that came with syslog-ng and some of my own.
Just thought someone might find these useful.

i386 and srpms are here: http://www.dulug.duke.edu/~skvidal/syslog-ng/

if anyone has any suggestions on ways to improve the spec files or the
init script let me know.


The old "give 'em a Linux box and they think they're Jean-Luc Picard"
syndrome. -A.S.R