[syslog-ng]AIX compatability issue?

John_Delisle@ceridian.ca John_Delisle@ceridian.ca
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:52:20 -0600


I'm running a central syslog-ng server with the following syslog-ng.conf:

options { sync (0);
          time_reopen (10);
          log_fifo_size (1000);
          long_hostnames (off);
          use_dns (yes);
          use_fqdn (no);
          create_dirs (no);
          keep_hostname (yes);

source s_sys { unix-stream ("/dev/log"); internal(); };
source s_remote { udp(ip( port(514)); };

destination d_mesg { file("/var/log/messages"); };
destination d_powerpay { file("/var/log/powerpay"); };

filter f_powerpay       { facility(local1); };

log { source(s_sys); destination(d_mesg); };
log { source(s_remote); filter(f_powerpay); destination(d_powerpay); };
log { source(s_remote); destination(d_mesg); };

I have serveral AIX servers that don't seem to get logged.  I'm sending
messages with facility set to local1.  If I comment out the second log line
above I get messages from the AIX servers to my messages file.  When I
enable the second log line as it is above I get nothing.  I've tested
sending messages from other platforms with facility set to local1 and they
get logged in the correct file as expected.

Any ideas?

John Delisle
Corporate Technology
Ceridian Canada Ltd