[syslog-ng]Trying to send log over network

Balazs Scheidler bazsi@balabit.hu
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 12:13:19 +0100

> What is the address of your loghost and the address of the clients?  I'm
> looking at your two configs and I want to make sure that the destination for
> the problem machine is ok.  Do you have a host on your network
> and is it listening for tcp connections on port 514?  In the loghost config
> you reference a source of which tells me that your loghost is
>  If you are trying to establish a connection to a host using
> the tcp/ip you also need to make sure that the host is listening for tcp/ip
> connections.  The loghost config is listening for tcp/ip on port
> 10001 and you are trying to make a tcp connection with on port
> 514.  Is this what you are intending, if so this won't work.  Change your
> destination in your client to read  destination d_bg
> {tcp("") };  That should at least let you log to that
> loghost.
> > destination d_bg { tcp(""); };

destination tcp drivers should look like this:

destination d_bg { tcp("" port(514)); };

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