[syslog-ng]Possible overflow?

Nicholas Berry nberry@ragingwire.com
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 09:19:54 -0800

I too get high ASCII characters, but on a regular basis across multiple systems.  I have about 20 hosts  logging to two syslog-ng systems.  I see this anywhere from a Foundry routers, to Solaris 8, and Lucent Maxes:
..smf-jumpstart A<A0><E1>$<30>Dec  1..
..smf-modem-01 ^B^D^E<B4><134>ASCEND: slot 2..
..smf-dist-01 ^B^D^E<B4><14>smf-dist-01, Interface...

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in some logs I discovered an ascii character with the
value 181 instead of a newline:
... D4-RIPE|<181>Dec 20 19:02 ...

Unfortunately I can't reproduce this error. But maybe it's
a known error? It occured when logging whole mails to syslog.
Does anyone know a possible cause?

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