[syslog-ng]Filter enhancement

Jay Guerette JayGuerette@pobox.com
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 08:32:33 -0500 (EST)

> You would need two source definitions, one for "regular" message trans-
> port to syslog-ng (would probably contain internal, /dev/log, etc. and
> your network port(s)), and the other one for messages that are fed back
> to syslog-ng (which IMO should be a FIFO, because that gives you more
> flexibility when choosing a language to implement your external filter
> programs).
> The log statement for the first source would then probably be so that
> all syslog-ng filters ("internal" filters in that case) would be
> applied to the log message, while the log statement for the second
> source
> definition could possibly be without any filters, and directly going to
> a specific log.

Much better explanation :)

The only problem with this implementation is the double hit for every
message.I have 53 hosts that generated 2.5 million log entries yesterday; so having
a 'loopback' filter could theoretically throw up to 5 million at
syslog-ng. I don'twant to overload the system. Also, when an 'event' happens, and a cluster of
boxes all start logging furiously for a few seconds, I think that the
burst * 2will temporarily overwhelm it.

Meanwhile, an 'inline external'(?) filter would obviously eliminate the
double hit,and in my specific case, could help reduce the load by re-writing the
messages on the fly and doing a language compression.