[syslog-ng]Filter enhancement

Jay Guerette JayGuerette@pobox.com
Thu, 6 Dec 2001 01:22:58 -0500 (EST)

>> I realize that you could set up a program as a destination, and have
>> that program filter and format and re-send those messages to syslog,
>> but that seems cumbersome, and also could potentially double the
>> processing that syslog-ng would have to do.
> I don't see much difference vs. setting up a FIFO source and a program
> destination. To avoid overhead, you can direct input from the FIFO
> source directly to its destination. Have your external filter send out-
> put to the pipe and there you go.

I don't understand what you're suggeting here. I have no flexibility for
source;it's good old UDP syslog or nothing. Are you saying take the UDP in, send
it toa program, which writes it to a FIFO, that syslog-ng reads, and writes to a
log? I'm confused...