Re^2: [syslog-ng] want kernal messages of FreeBSD

Hideyuki Nishiyama
Wed, 31 May 2000 20:10:03 +0900

 Thanks Bazsi.

Balazs> >  I am H.Nishiyama in japanese.
Balazs> > 
Balazs> >  I want syslog-ng to send kernel messages of FreeBSD2.2.8 for
Balazs> > ipfw.
Balazs> >  I tried to use unix-dgram("/de/klog") and file("/dev/klog").
Balazs> > But I didn't successed.
Balazs> >  Plese tell me how to send kernel messages of FreeBSD2.2.8 for
Balazs> > ipfw!!
Balazs> IIRC FreeBSD uses a special file /dev/klog for kernel logging.

 As you write above, /dev/klog is special file. /dev/klog is using for 
kernel logging. I knew this.
 I tried to use file("/dev/klog") of source driver, but as result I
saw console error messages "Can't open file.device is busy."

 Can't "file" of source driver use special file as "/dev/klog" ?
 To send and receive kernel message of ipfw in syslog-ng, how do 
I write configuration file of FreeBSD, or how do I configure
syslog-ng.conf,or how do I use other tool with combination?

 I'm sorry my childish English. Thanks you that read my letter.
Hideyuki Nishiyama(Japanese)