[syslog-ng] Pre-processing ability?

Dotson, Mike G Dotson.Mike@emeryworld.com
Tue, 2 May 2000 01:16:47 -0000


I'm fairly new to syslog-ng (got it today as a matter of fact).  The config
file is very easy to configure and get going (hat's off to you guys) even
with sparse documentation (up and running in under 2 hours including compile

I do, however, need to know if there is any pre-processing ability with m4
or cpp, etc.  

I plan on rolling syslog-ng to our enterprise and would like one
syslog-ng.conf file on all our hosts.  In order to do this I need to parse
off the platform type to set the source since we're primarily a sun shop but
do have other platforms we support (sco, hp, linux and sun).

Is there any way of doing this with builtin functionality?  I also forsee
the need to have some sort of pre-processing based on whether it's a
loghost, etc.  Any plans on adding this or is it already there and I have to
dig deeper into the documentation, etc.


Mike Dotson
System Analyst
Email: dotson.mike@emeryworld.com