[syslog-ng] massive memory leak

John syslog-ng@moe.co.uk
Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:44:01 +0100

Scott McDermott (mcdermot@questra.com) wrote:

> > I tend to restart the syslog-ng when ever it starts using over 35%
> > CPU.  I find that when the usage is that high it doesn't log at all,
> > if so just the occasional log.
> > 
> > If I leave it, it ends up using 99% :-(  I don't think it's my
> > syslog-ng.conf that's doing it as it's fairly generic.
> Sounds like a great program...loads CPU even when inactive, and eats up
> all available memory within a couple of weeks on a machine otherwise
> mostly unused.  Hmm, sounds like Netscape ;)


> Unfortunately, syslog-ng's ability to do TCP logging, unlimited
> forwarding, and the nice log-by-host/program makes it an invaluable
> tool, so it's worth fixing rather than abandoning.

Sure is.

> Does the author read the list? Respond well to patches? The code isn't
> too huge, I might try to find the leak myself.

Yep, the author is really good.