[syslog-ng] syslog-ng tcp port "max-connections(#)" directive?

Robert Coli rcoli@shockwave.com
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 16:22:26 -0700

Hello. I am attempting to have multiple hosts log to syslog-ng on a
centralized host via tcp. This is the line from my config file on the
logging host :

source remote { tcp(port(<port #>)); max-connections(50) };

This does not seem to be a valid syntax for a tcp remote source. In
fact, syslog-ng will not start unless I remove the "max-connections(#)"
part of that line. 

The only notes in the docs wrt this directive is here :

source s_tcp { tcp(ip( port(1999); max-connections(10)); };

This is a pretty serious issue, because I am getting tons and tons of
these errors :

Jun 19 16:21:40 int@logger syslog-ng[138]: Error accepting AF_INET
connection from: ip.ip.ip.ip:60194, opened connections: 10, max: 10

For which, I assume, I need to increase the number of maximum concurrent

Please help.