[syslog-ng] AIX Performance

John A. Parker jap54@cornell.edu
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 14:06:22 -0400


You've touched on tweaking the gc_idle_threshold, gc_busy_threshold, and 
log_fifo_size settings to improve syslog-ng
performance. I wondered if you might expound upon why altering these has an 
effect on performance? My central syslog-ng server (handling syslogs for 
about 30 other systems) is loaded to 50% or more by syslog-ng alone. As our 
other real time processing of the output from syslog-ng is consuming a 
comparable amount of system resource, we're going to have to boost the 
hardware or tune the processes.

We don't have "spikes" in logs, just a ton of constant messages. If I 
understood better what each of the option settings accomplished I think I'd 
have a better chance of getting the tuning as right as possible.




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