[syslog-ng] Problems with syslog-ng use over a redireted port inside an SSH s ession

Edwards, David david.edwards@eds.com
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 13:23:50 +0930


I'm using syslog-ng over redirected ports inside an SSH 
channel and whenever I HUP syslog-ng, the SSH channel 

This appears to be a problem with syslog-ng, as if I 
kill -KILL syslog-ng, the channel remains in place.

I copy logs over the channel using a perl script.  This
also may be suspect of course..  The channel seems to close 
when the script writes to the (possibly disrupted tcp) 
socket.  If I don't write to the socket, the channel stays up..  
I use the IO::Socket method $socket->can_write to attempt 
to find out if the socket is still writable but this does not 
show any problems but the channel dies anyway.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

Dave Edwards
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Glenside,  South Australia
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