[syslog-ng] Multiple criteria per filter and hostnames?

Nicholas Brawn nickbrawn@onetel.com
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 13:21:41 +1000

I have been testing both nsyslog and syslog-ng recently (after discovering
syslog-ng is based on nsyslog). One thing I have noticed while testing
syslog-ng 1.4.4, is that it doesn't appear to allow filters such as:

filter myfilter { facility(auth); host(system); };

which were valid in nsyslog. In addition, nsyslog appeared to support reverse
lookups of the source ip, to resolve into fqdn. 

So a message received by nsyslog from host "blah1" would appear in logs as
"blah1.mydomain.com". Whereas in syslog-ng it would appear as "blah1" OR with
the long_hostnames(yes) option, would log the hostname as "blah1/blah1". 

1. Is it possible to specify multiple criteria per filter?
2. Is it possible to enable reverse lookups and log hostname in fqdn?


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