[syslog-ng] Syslog stop fordward

Victor Barahona victor.barahona@uam.es
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 13:31:42 +0100



I loging a web server to a log-machine so I put the next configuration in
the web server:
options { sync(0); time_reopen(10); log_fifo_size(100); };

source local { sun-stream("/dev/log" door("/etc/.syslog_door")); };
source syslog { internal(); };
source rincon { file("/www/logs/rincon-access.log"); };

destination brezo { tcp("" port(514)); };

log { source(rincon); destination(brezo); };

The log-server has this config-file:

options { sync(10); time_reopen(10); log_fifo_size(100); };

source local { internal(); };
source red { tcp(); };

destination rincon { file("/var/log/filer/rincon-access.log"); };

filter rincon { host(limonero) and match(HTTP/1); };

log { source(red); destination(rincon); };

When I run with this configuration, te log-server stops to write lines in
the file when fifo size is full (I think) so I increase the fifo size to
1000 first and to 150000 later. The destination file grown but seems no
be sort by date as the source and finally stops the write lines (but the
daemon is OK).

Two things:

1)Everytime I run the syslog-ng in the web server, process all the file,
instead only the appending lines. Who can I chage this?

2)Why the daemon stops writting in the log-server's file? It's a problem
with big files? The origin file is about 8Mb and it grow to 11Mb due the
header of the syslog-ng. There is some limit?


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