[syslog-ng]syslog-ng with cisco

Brian E. Seppanen seppy@chartermi.net
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:08:04 -0500 (EST)

There isn't anything specific to syslog-ng with Cisco routers.  Syslog and
syslog-ng can both capture output from cisco routers, but you have to
configure the router for that.   Look on cisco's site on how to set up the
router to log to a remote host.   Pretty easy.

Once you've gotten the router sending the data, and the remote host
accepting the data, then you can tweak syslog-ng or syslog to do
your bidding.

I use syslog-ng specifically because it has the nice macro facility that
will create files as messages of a specific priority are received by the
host.  I don't think syslog will even create files.

Using destination router { file(router.$PRIORITY)};  it will create
router.err for error messages, and so on.

I hope that helps.  I figured I'd put in my .02.

Brian Seppanen

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> how do i use syslog-ng with a cisco 2501
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