[syslog-ng] Question on semantics

Stefan Monnier monnier+lists/syslog@tequila.cs.yale.edu
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 18:06:17 -0400

Richi Plana wrote:
> level(info,notice,warn..crit)

I expect that the most common usage (by far) of level filters will be the usual
"level >= <foo>" so this should be the better-supported option. I.e. if you
want to use a function-call-like notation, it seems that


should really mean

	level >= info

(btw: the Linux's syslog.conf manpage uses "priority" to talk about this
characteristic of a log message).  Now do we want fancier specification
and if so what should it look like ?
Clearly we want to be able to specify something like "=" or ranges.
But the above syntax already allows it (just like most syslog daemons
already allow it) with:

	level(info) and not level(notice)

So I don't think it's really important to provide anything more.