[syslog-ng-announce] syslog-ng Premium Edition 4 LTS (4.0.5b) has been released

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Thu Mar 28 15:34:19 CET 2013

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng Premium Edition
VERSION             : 4 LTS (4.0.5b)
SUMMARY             : new stable release
DATE                : Mar 25, 2013


  A new stable version of syslog-ng Premium Edition (4 LTS (4.0.5b)) has been
  released. For a full description on stable and feature releases,
  see Section 2.16. Stable and feature releases of syslog-ng PE in The syslog-ng
  Premium Edition 4 LTS (4.0.5b) Administrator Guide.


4 LTS (4.0.5b)
    Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:10:46 +0100

    Changes since version 4.0.5a

    Security updates:

    CVE-2006-7250, CVE-2012-2333

  The documentation of syslog-ng 4 LTS, including the installation and user guides is
  available in PDF, HTML, and single-page HTML format at:

  For details on upgrading and possible upgrade paths, read Section 3.5.,
  Upgrading syslog-ng in the The syslog-ng Premium Edition 4 LTS Administrator Guide:

  Kind Regards,

  BalaBit IT Security

  For details on the fixed issues see our issue tracking page at


  Download the latest binaries from:


  Note that to download the binaries, you have to login into your MyBalaBit

  The documentation of the syslog-ng application is available in
  The syslog-ng Premium Edition 4 LTS (4.0.5b) Administrator Guide at:

  Kind Regards,

  BalaBit IT Security

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