[syslog-ng-announce] syslog-ng 3.4.2 has been released

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Mon Jun 3 16:57:32 CEST 2013

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng
VERSION             : 3.4.2
SUMMARY             : new stable release
DATE                : Jun 3, 2013


  A new stable version of syslog-ng Open Source Edition (3.4.2) has been
  released. For latest fixes in the 3.4.x feature branch you are recommended to
  upgrade to this version.


        Mon,  3 Jun 2013 16:00:00 +0100

        This is the first bug-fix release for the 3.4.x series,
        collecting significant fixes over the 3.4.1 release. Upgrading
        to this release is highly recommended.


        * loggen will bail out earily if using Unix sockets without a
          path specified.

        * Using the same filter for multiple destinations does not
          trigger a crash anymore. [#219]

        * An issue with log branch propagation has been fixed,
          restoring compatibility with the 3.3 branch (this mostly
          affected flags(final) use cases). [#220]

        * The systemd unit file now specified Restart=on-failure.

        * Support for empty blocks in the configuration were restored,
          syslog-ng does not crash anymore when encountering one.

        * An assertion was fixed in patterndb, that prevented one from
          overriding built-in values, such as HOST. [#225]

        * The persist state file (syslog-ng.persist) is now marked
          close-on-exec, so it does not leak through to forked

        * The system() source now treats /proc/kmsg as optional: if it
          is not readable to the user running syslog-ng, it will not
          be included.

        * Proper escape handling in backtick insertion has been
          implemented, so string arguments to block parameters are -
          again - treated correctly. [#235]

        * A rare race condition in the SQL, MongoDB, SMTP and AMQP
          destinations have been fixed.

        * A possible deadlock was fixed within the suppress() handling


        Attila M. Magyar <athos at balabit.hu>
        Balazs Scheidler <bazsi at balabit.hu>
        Evan Rempel <erempel at uvic.ca>
        Gergely Nagy <algernon at balabit.hu>
        Paul Dann <pdgiddie+balabit at gmail.com>
        Peter Czanik <czanik at balabit.hu>
        Tamas Pal <folti at balabit.hu>


  You can download the source or binary packages from:


  The documentation of the syslog-ng Open Source Edition is available in
  The syslog-ng Open Source Edition Administrator's Guide at


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