[syslog-ng-announce] syslog-ng Agent for Windows 3.1.0 has been released

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Wed Jan 27 09:35:25 CET 2010

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng Agent for Windows
VERSION             : 3.1.0
SUMMARY             : new stable release
DATE                : Jan 26, 2010


  A new stable version of syslog-ng Agent for Windows (3.1.0) has been
  released. This version contains changes, improvements, and new features.

  Upgrading to syslog-ng Agent version 3.1 is supported only
  from syslog-ng Agent version 3.0.7.



	* Snare-compatible log forwarding can be enabled at a single location.
	* It is now possible to resolve the clients own IP address from DNS and
	  use the resolved hostname as the hostname of the client in the syslog
	  messages. This solve the problem that sometimes the hostname of the
	  client changes depending on whether it is logged into a domain.
	* It is possible to specify the Distinguished Name (DN) of the
	  certificate to use for TLS-encrypted connections. So far it was
	  possible to specify the Common Name (CN) only.
	* It is now possible to create whitelist filters to forward only the
	  messages that match the filter.
        * For troubleshooting purposes, the syslog-ng Agent can provide
          detailed debug logs about its operation. Setting the
          Software\\BalaBit\\syslog-ng Agent\\AgentDbgLog registry key
          to 1 sends the debug logs to the DebugView application, while
          setting the key to 2 produces a log file called syslog_agent.txt.
          The log file will be created under the installation directory
          of the syslog-ng Agent, e.g., under
          C:\Program Files\BalaBit\syslog-ng Agent.

	Platform support
	* Collecting log messages from 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 platforms
	  is now supported.

        * The syslog-ng Agent installer can upgrade the XML configuration file
          of earlier versions.
        * The options of the silent installer have been updated to simplify the
          unattended installation of the syslog-ng Agent.
        * The installer has several new options to simplify the installation and
          the upgrade of the syslog-ng Agent in various scenarios.


	* In certain situations, the agent terminated unexpectedly if a large
	  number of eventlog sources were registered on the client host.
	  This has been corrected.
	* The GPO occasionally restarted the syslog-ng Agent if the address of
	  a destination server was very long. This has been corrected.

	Eventlog Sources:
	* In case an event container did not exist, the agent sent
	  "Cannot format event log message" messages. Now the nonexistent event
	  container is ignored, and a proper log message is sent to the
	  Application container.

	File Sources:
	* Until now, the agent has opened text files in a mode that prevented
	  the file from being deleted. Now the files can be deleted, but the
	  deleting application must ensure that there are no unsent messages in
	  the file to avoid losing messages.


	  Upgrading to syslog-ng Agent version 3.1 is supported only
	  from syslog-ng Agent version 3.0.7.

	  Downgrading from a feature release to an earlier (and thus
	  unsupported) feature release, or to the stable release is not
	  supported: this means that once you upgrade a system from a stable
	  release (e.g., 2.0) to a feature release (e.g., 2.1), you will have to
	  keep upgrading to the new feature releases until the next stable
	  version release (e.g., 3.0) is published, or risk using an
	  unsupported product.
	  Both the stable and the feature branches will be supported via
	  maintenance (e.g., bugfix) releases.

        * When upgrading a machine running version 3.0.7 in standalone
          mode, run the .exe installer and verify that the displayed information
          is correct.
        * When upgrading a machine running version 3.0.7 in domain
          mode, follow the steps described in section 'Installing the syslog-ng
          Agent on the hosts of a domain' of the documentation.
          The system will automatically recognize that the new package will
          update the syslog-ng Agent for Windows package.


  Download the latest binaries from:

  Note that to download the binaries, you have to login into your MyBalaBit

  The documentation of the syslog-ng Agent for Windows application is
  available in The syslog-ng 3.0 Administrator Guide at:

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