[syslog-ng-announce] syslog-ng Agent for Windows 3.1.1 has been released

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Thu Aug 5 11:34:11 CEST 2010

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng Agent for Windows
VERSION             : 3.1.1
SUMMARY             : new feature release
DATE                : Aug 4, 2010


  A new feature version of syslog-ng Agent for Windows (3.1.1) has been
  released. For latest fixes in the 3.1.x branch you are recommended to
  upgrade to this version.


        Wed, 4 Aug 2010 10:20:55 +0100

        * When the syslog-ng Agent had 62 or more sources, sometimes it resulted
          in 100% of CPU usage. This has been corrected.
        * There was a possible situation when syslog-ng Agent crashed in debug
          mode. This has been corrected.
        * Changed the facility names "auth" (code 10) to "authpriv", and "cron"
          (code 15) to "solaris-cron" in the syslog-ng Agent GUI.

	Eventlog Sources:
        * When the event message format is configured to SNARE Compatible
          Message Type, and the event (in $EVENT_MSG or $EVENT_MESSAGE macros)
          contains tab character or carriage return, line feed characters,
          syslog-ng Agent will replace them with space (in case of tab) and
          double space (in case of carriage return, line feed) in the outgoing

	File Sources:
        * When reading from wildcarded file source, syslog-ng Agent will now
          recognize renamed files.
        * When reading from a file source, syslog-ng Agent mishandled lines
          with more than 8192 characters. These were split into two separate
          log entries. This has been corrected.
        * syslog-ng Agent inserted an extra CR (ASCII 13) character at the end
          of the FILE_MESSAGE macro, causing problems when this macro was not
          the last one in the template. This behaviour has been corrected.

	Miscellaneous changes:
        * Added dbghelp.dll file to the installer, for creating crash dumps.
        * Corrected the descriptions of syslog-ng-agent-conf.xsd file.


	  Upgrading to syslog-ng Agent version 3.1 is supported only
	  from syslog-ng Agent version 3.0.7.

	  Downgrading from a feature release to an earlier (and thus
	  unsupported) feature release, or to the stable release is not
	  supported: this means that once you upgrade a system from a stable
	  release (e.g., 2.0) to a feature release (e.g., 2.1), you will have to
	  keep upgrading to the new feature releases until the next stable
	  version release (e.g., 3.0) is published, or risk using an
	  unsupported product.
	  Both the stable and the feature branches will be supported via
	  maintenance (e.g., bugfix) releases.

        * When upgrading a machine running version 3.0.7 in standalone
          mode, run the .exe installer and verify that the displayed information
          is correct.
        * When upgrading a machine running version 3.0.7 in domain
          mode, follow the steps described in section 'Installing the syslog-ng
          Agent on the hosts of a domain' of the documentation.
          The system will automatically recognize that the new package will
          update the syslog-ng Agent for Windows package.


  Download the latest binaries from:

  Note that to download the binaries, you have to login into your MyBalaBit

  The documentation of the syslog-ng Agent for Windows application is
  available in The syslog-ng Agent for Windows 3.1 Administrator Guide at:

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