[syslog-ng-announce] syslog-ng Agent for Windows 2.2beta1 has been released

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Thu May 15 13:09:29 CEST 2008

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng Agent for Windows
VERSION             : 2.2beta1
SUMMARY             : new beta release
DATE                : May 13, 2008


  A new beta version of syslog-ng Agent for Windows (2.2beta1) has been
  released. This is a test release produced as part of our development process
  while preparing for the next stable release. You are recommended to upgrade
  to only if you wish to test the new features of this release. This release is
  not recommended for production use.


        * The configuration interface of the syslog-ng Agent has been
          completely rewritten: now it is fully manageable from a Domain
          Controller using Group Policies. If the host is not a member of a
          domain, the agent can be configured from a Local Group Policy in the
          Microsoft Management Console.

        Message processing:
        * The syslog-ng Agent for Windows now supports message filtering,
          making it possible to drop selected messages.
        * The $USERNAME macro has been renamed to $EVENT_USERNAME.
        * Different message format can be assigned to eventlog and file sources.
        * Facility and priority handling has been unified.
        * Sources and filters can be enabled and disabled both globally and
        * Case sensitivity of the filters and regular expressions can be set.

        File sources:
        * File sources can either monitor the file that was last modified in
          the folder, or monitor all files of the folder in parallel. Both
          types of file sources can be used recursively on folders with
        * Environment variables like %SYSTEMROOT% are supported when specifying
          file sources.
        * New macros are available for file sources.

        * It is now possible to configure multiple destination servers to send
          the messages to a failover server if the primary destination becomes
        * It is now possible to send the messages to multiple destination
          server in parallel. That way every destination receives a copy of the
          same message. Every destination may have failover servers configured.
          The agent considers a message successfully sent if the primary
          destination or one of its failover servers receives the message.
        * The syslog-ng Agent for Windows supports the draft IETF protocol
          described in
          Adding unique message identifier to every message is also supported.
          NOTE: The Linux/UNIX version of syslog-ng 2.2 will also support this
        * The syslog-ng Agent automatically detects if its configuration
          has changed since the last restart and sends the hash of the new
          configuration to the server.
        * The agent reports connection and certificate errors into the event
        * Similarly to the Linux version, the agent now sends MARK messages to
          the server to indicate that the client host is alive but there are
          no log messages to send.

        * Both .exe and .msi installer packages are available.

        * Improvements in the SSL-encryption support on Windows Vista.
        * Reading of log files larger than 2GB is supported.
        * Improvements in the handling of 64bit timestamps.


  To access this release, login to your MyBalaBit account at
  or signup for a new account at
  and request an evaluation version at

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