[syslog-ng-announce] syslog-ng 1.6.x has been released

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Wed Oct 24 10:24:51 CEST 2007

PACKAGE             : syslog-ng
VERSION             : 1.6.x
SUMMARY             : end of life
DATE                : Oct 24, 2007


    The maintenance and support of the syslog-ng 1.6.x product branch
    ends on December 1, 2007. There will not be any new releases in the
    1.6.x branch.

    Users of syslog-ng 1.6.x are recommended to upgrade to the latest
    supported version: syslog-ng Open Source Edition v2.0.5 or
    syslog-ng Premium Edition v2.1.7. The Premium Edition of syslog-ng
    is a commercial product with advanced features like native SSL/TLS
    encryption support, direct database access, or disk-based message
    buffering. For details about syslog-ng Premium Edition, see

    A comparison between the Open Source and Premium editions is available at    http://www.balabit.com/network-security/syslog-ng/central-syslog-server/comparing/

    For customers who bought support for syslog-ng, their support contract
    is automatically valid for the syslog-ng Open Source Edition
    2.0.x product branch.

    Customers who bought binary subscription for syslog-ng 1.6.x within the
    last year may download the latest syslog-ng 2.0.x binaries for their
    platform until their subscription expires.


    The source code for the syslog-ng 2.0.x product branch is available at:


    The binaries for the syslog-ng 2.0.x product branch are available at:


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